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Jobs and Theses

Research positions at ISEK

Open positions in the project Cognitive Tools for Cyber-Physical Systems:

Our cooperation partner Prof. Dartmann has several open positions for researcher in machine learning, optimization and data analytics. You can find the open positions here.

External Fellowships and Long Term Visits

Potential postdoctoral fellows and long term visitors may also consider applying for fellowships from external sources. We encourage and support applications of outstanding candidates. In particular, we have already hosted scientists with You may also consider or fellowships offered by organizations from your home country or by the DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst).

Diploma and Master Theses at ISEK

Open Theses

Supervisor Type
Machine Learning of Compressed Sensing for Wireless Controlled Multi Agent Systems
A. Schmeink, G. Dartmann, G. Ascheid, G. Karabulut Kurt. Master/Bachelor Thesis
Machine Learning of System Biological Processes
A. Schmeink, G. Dartmann. Master/Bachelor Thesis
On the Lattice Reduction based Detection for Faster-than-Nyquist Signalling
Q. He, A. Schmeink Master/Bachelor Thesis
Coding on Wiretap Channels
C. Schnelling, A. Schmeink Master Thesis
Analysis of Decoding Algorithms for Reed-Muller Codes
C. Schnelling, A. Schmeink Master Thesis
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) vs. Mobile Ad hoc NETworks (MANETs)
S. Bauk, A. Schmeink Master Thesis
Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) analysis for Wireless Body Area Sensor Networks (WBASNs)
S. Bauk, A. Schmeink Master Thesis
Maximizing the QoS-Constrained Performance of Relaying with Finite Blocklengths: More Retransmissions vs. Longer Blocklengths
Y. Hu, A. Schmeink Master Thesis
Performance of Relaying with Finite Blocklengths: DF relaying vs. AF relaying vs. DAF relaying
Y. Hu, A. Schmeink Master Thesis
Design of Reliable Relaying Networks with Finite Blocklengths: Minimizing the Overall Error Probability
Y. Hu, A. Schmeink Master Thesis

Current Theses

Topic Supervisor Type
Learning-based Control for Wireless Controlled Multi-Agent Systems
A. Schmeink Master/Bachelor Thesis
Bio-medical Applications of Machine Learning using Stochastic Processes
A. Schmeink Master/Bachelor Thesis
Data Analytics for Intensive Care
A. Schmeink Master/Bachelor Thesis
Modeling of the Sepsis Process by using Petri Nets
A. Schmeink Master/Bachelor Thesis
Neural Nets to learn the topology and parameters of Petri Nets based on measurements, with application to Sepsis
G. Dartmann, A. Schmeink Master Thesis
Influence of Compression on Uncertainty Representations in Deep Neural Networks
A. Schmeink Master Thesis
Low Latency Relaying Networks with Energy Harvesting
Y. Hu, A. Schmeink Master Thesis
Super-Resolution Algorithm for RF-based Localization
A. Schmeink Master/Bachelor Thesis
Configuration and Commissioning of Field Devices using Wireless Communication and Semantic Information Models
A. Schmeink Master Thesis
Analysis of Decoding Algorithms for Polar Codes
C. Schnelling, A. Schmeink Master/Bachelor Thesis
Energy-Efficient Routing Algorithm for Wireless Heterogeneous Networks under Statistical Delay Constraints A. Schmeink, N. Petreska Master Thesis
Topology Management in Wireless Token Passing Networks C. Dombrowski, A. Schmeink, K. Wehrle Master Thesis

Completed Theses

Supervisor Type Date
Optimization of Multi-agent Systems G. Dartmann, A. Schmeink Master Thesis 05/2017
Analyse von Dekodierverfahren für Polar Codes C. Schnelling, A. Schmeink Bachelor Thesis 05/2017
A Secure Remote Access System with Strong Two-factor Authentication Mechanism Q. He, A. Schmeink Bachelor Thesis
Simulation and Evaluation of Cable Characteristics in Aeronautical Environments A. Schmeink Master Thesis 06/2016
Modelling and Implementation of a Network within the Framework: Development of a Cost-Efficient Wireless Network Model for Controlling Environmental and Work Safety in Ports of Developing Countries S. Bauk, A. Schmeink Bachelor Thesis 09/2015
Effective and Efficient Channel Equalization for the Wavelet-based OFDM System Q. He, A. Schmeink Master Thesis 09/2015
Low-Complexity Channel Estimation for Wireless Sensor Networks T. Wang, A. Schmeink Master Thesis 12/2014

Offline Error Handling in Wi-Fi Localizations

N. Viol, A. Schmeink, K. Wehrle

Master Thesis 11/2014
Comparison and evaluation between OFDM with FBMC systems
Q. He, A. Schmeink Master Thesis
Resynchronisation bei Huffman-Codes
C. Schmitz, A. Schmeink Bachelor Thesis 10/2014
An Information-Theoretic Analysis of Polar Codes for Binary Channels A. Schmeink, S. Görtzen Diploma Thesis 04/2014

Coordinated Multi-Point/Dynamic Point Selection for LTE Systems

A. Schmeink, D. Parruca, J. Gross

Master Thesis 04/2014
Inter-Cell Interference Coordination in CoMP/DS Schemes of LTE-Advanced Network J. Gross, A. Schmeink Master Thesis 11/2013

Kanalkapazität bei nicht perfekter CSI

A. Schmeink

Diploma Thesis 11/2013
Channel Aware Virtual Coordinate Assignment Protocol (CAVCap) for Cognitive Radio Network J. Gross, A. Schmeink Master Thesis 08/2013
Rate Adaption in WiFi-based Vehicular Networks
J. Gross, A. Schmeink
Master Thesis
Evaluation of a Graph-Based Clustering Approach for Network Planning A. Schmeink, A. Engels Student Research Project 01/2012

Heuristiken für Ressourcenzuweisung in Multiuser OFDMA Systemen

A. Schmeink, C. Liu
Diploma Thesis

Application of Information-Theoretic Measures in Genetics

A. Schmeink, R. Mathar
Diploma Thesis

Capacity-achieving distributions for MIMO systems

A. Schmeink
Student Research Project

Fair rate allocation in interference-limited system

A. Schmeink
Master Thesis

Power and rate allocation for heterogeneous transmission in wireless multiuser OFDM systems

A. Schmeink, C. Liu
Master Thesis

Discrete signaling over general channels

A. Schmeink

Master Thesis